If you follow your aftercare instructions, you will have more longevity of lashes and keep them looking healthy and new between fills. Here is what you need to know:

  • Do not wet your lashes for at least 8 hours after application/fill

  • Gently wash your lashes daily using a lash shampoo (Do not rub the lashes, gently and lightly brush the shampoo on lashes and splash rinse

  • Use your lash want to separate the lashes and keep them free of dust

  • The lash adhesive will disintegrate in oil. Check your facial and makeup products to be sure they are oil free


  • Do not pull at or pick the lash extensions

  • Lash perming and tinting cannot be done to lash extensions and extensions applied to tinted lashes may not last as long

  • Allergy season is realistically all year long. If you experience itching, or a grainy felling in your eyes, you can use Similasan Allergy drops to alleviate this  

  • Some individuals may have adhesive sensitivity to the tapes used during application.  An antihistamine can be taken after application to alleviate this

  • Some individuals are "night rubbers". If you wake up to missing lashes, try sleeping with a lash friendly eye mask

  • Lash serum is ok as long as it is oil free

  • Lashes can be dried with a cool, low wind hair dryer at least 18" away from lashes and in an upward motion